Universal Powerful Crusher

Model : GD-540

  • It can smash any plastic material rapidly and can be applied on several usages. It’s a crusher with full power.
  • The big plastic materials can be smashed directly without blocking which will result in the stopping of smash. So it can save a lot of time.

Model Motor 
Into Size (mm) Rotary
N.W. LxWxH (mm) Rotary
GD-500 20~40 548x420 mm 3 or 6 pcs 4 pcs 2000 kgs 1650x1250x2200 Ø500 500~1200 kgs
GD500/1000 60~75 500x1000 mm 16 pcs 4 pcs 2400 kgs 1650x1510x2400
Ø500 600~1400 kgs
GD500/1200 75~100 500x1200 mm 16 pcs 4 pcs 2900 kgs 1650x1760x2500
Ø500 600~1800 kgs

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