Quad Shaft Shredder

Model : GP4380/4062
四軸多爪式破碎刀,破碎大型塑料、漂流木樹幹、樹枝、廢冰箱、洗衣機 、電視機、廢輪胎等,大型物品破碎能力佳。 搭配破碎機篩網,可以自由選擇篩網大小,破碎後成品可自由控制,破碎機篩網可拆換設計拆裝方便。

Strength Crusher

Model : GC500/1000
Hydraulic body opening is easy for changing new cutters and cleaning remainders Energy saving, wide cutting angle, stable electric current when crushing, all of these depend on special design of rotary cutter’s angle.

Membrane material

Model : BA225

Hydro-Extractor With High Efficient Abilities Operation

Model : GW700/1800
All kind of wet crushing plastic materials or pelletizing wet plastic pellets available to dry by vertical type continues dryer.