About Us

CHUN GWAN company has 15 years experience in recycling waste resource, programming factories and design.

Base on the fact that the earth resources and materials are exploited continually and various materials are exhausting gradually, CHUN GWAN company research and develop various devices unceasingly to create the value of reuse, protect earth environment and prolong the life of earth resources. All of our staff hold the principal of “honesty, responsible, respectful and creation” to solve the issues of customers sincerely.

Main markets:Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Global

Main machine models and equipment:

Equipment for recovering plastic waste material.
Reclaimed plastic waste material Pelletizer.
Super powerful crusher.
Universal powerful crusher.Intellctive disappear noise crusher.
Silent crusher.
General economical crusher.
Machine for treating waste syringes.
knife machine.
Conveying equipment:Exhaust machine, cyclone sepatator, conveying belt, screw conveying belt.
Dirt collector.
Design and manufacture of relative machines.